Debt expert roundup

I really enjoyed being a part of this debt expert roundup post over at It contains lots of great nuggets of debt wisdom… much of which I wish I had known so much earlier. 🙂

My contribution was:

I have not often been criticized for managing my money, because my money is not an open topic with many people. But I do talk about money with my parents, and while they aren’t exactly critical, they have raised an eyebrow at my spending on certain expenses that they consider extravagant. For example, a housecleaner, a satellite radio subscription, or extra legroom on a plane. I would have to agree that these are all luxury items.

What I do to deal with the criticism is acknowledge that it is valid. If I am responsible with my money, I must be willing to really look at my budget and examine whether I can truly afford the expense. In lean years, the answer has to be no, and I must be able cut those costs when my budget needs tightening. In healthy years, I allow myself the treat.

Take a look at the full post on And let me know if you’ve got any debt tips of your own.

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