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In order to meet the demands of companies building large libraries of relevant content, I offer the services of An Army of Writers. We’re a group of professional content writers who have banded together to provide fresh, relevant, intelligent content for corporate blogs and websites.

Why hire a team of writers?

If you’re looking for a writer, we think you’ll be happier with a team of writers. Together we deliver a better product than any writer can deliver alone.

Highly qualified writers

We are a team of educated and well-published authors with specialties in a wide range of genres.

Vast network of content writers

I can match you with the best writer for your project. If that person isn’t already listed on our website, I’ll reach out to my extensive network. I’ll do the work to vet qualified candidates to present to you for consideration.

Fresher content

Hiring us means you’ll get more brains storming interesting and timely topics and fresh perspectives for your website.

Quantity at high quality

A team of great writers means you can post new content daily or even more often, never worrying about stale material or reaching the limit of any one writer’s capacity.

Content strategy

We’ll work with you to define your content goals and develop an editorial calendar to meet them.

Uninterrupted stream of relevant content

Our clients can depend on a reliable stream of content year-round.

Blog administration

We can provide images to complement all content. We can also log into your blog and schedule posts on your behalf, freeing up your time for other priorities.

Graphic art

Our highly skilled graphic artists can create anything from branded blog imagery to fully interactive modules.

Ghostwriting for your executive team

We provide targeted, researched content for you to publish under the name(s) of your company principles, or to support any other corporate communication goal.

Social media support

We can write micro-content for your social channels and manage the posting schedule.

Digital marketing

Our digital marketing team has a proven ability to get results. We can manage your Google and Facebook ads, hand-in-hand with your overall content strategy.

What can we do for you?

Visit today to find out more.