Writer Resources

Here are my favorite freelance writer resources. These are products and services that I have used and loved. Many of these resources are totally free, others cost money, and some of the links are affiliate links. All of these resources have helped me.

Most of these sites were started by founders who are not only extremely successful in the fields they write about, they are also friendly, human, helpful and approachable. These people are willing to reach out and help others. In many cases, they provide step-by-step instructions for doing exactly what they have done to become successful. I have found that the textbook is not the most valuable thing to me – it’s the teacher. Pay attention to what these teachers say and watch your career improve very quickly because of it.

Click the links. Your life could change.

On writing:

  • The Freelance Writers Den – A members-only online lounge offering advice and support for freelance writers at all levels

For your website:

You don’t have to have a fancy website, but you do want a URL that is professional. Not a freebie. Pay for hosting or get a custom domain some other way.

  • BlueHost – A web host with good support and a generous affiliate program

Handling the money:


Never work without a contract. Really. Never. I suggest you use all of the following resources and any others you find to cobble together a contract that works for you. Err on the side of caution when it comes to deciding which sections to include.

  • BonsaiFree customizable and downloadable freelancer work contract. You’ll be on a 5-day trial, so be ready to make your first contract when you sign up. Then you’ll have a boilerplate to reuse in the future even if you don’t pay for a Bonsai subscription.
  • And.co – A free customizable and downloadable freelancer work contract. This contract was developed in collaboration with the Freelancers Union in New York. You can track your time and invoices here, too.
  • Free freelancer contract template provided by a fellow freelancer. It’s a very nice contract that she offers up to anyone who wants a copy.