Writing and Editing

Rotter Writes offers these services:

  • Provide writing and editing services to help meet the written communications needs of government, corporate, non-profit, or other private publications. These include blog, website, brochure, magazine, newsletter, special correspondence, point paper, briefs, article or book galley writing and editing.
  • Edit for grammar, syntax and general readability.
  • Proofread for typographical mistakes and every kind of diacritical error or omission that can slow or stop or otherwise compromise publication of a manuscript.
  • Furnish pre-press support, copyedit and substantive textual review to ensure that the manuscript ‘works’ for the intended audience.
  • Supply definitive review and correction of foreign language translations written by non-native English speakers so that the manuscript reflects sensible idiomatic usage.
  • Accommodate the distinctions between English-English and American-English sentence cadence and spelling, to bridge the usage gap separating these two common-language cultures.
  • Speechwriting. Help from practitioners with experience gained by writing speeches, toasts, and Congressional testimony, et al for the most senior levels of the U.S. cabinet and service secretary ranks, and NATO military commanders in chief.

For our non-English clients

We ensure that your copy is free of all errors in English language usage and syntax. Working with your translator we build a clear, unambiguous text. Even the smallest slip in structure or vocabulary can ruin meaning or provoke unintended humor. Let our professional, native-English writers protect your publication investment.


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