It’s nice to know who you’ll be working with before you make the decision to hire someone. Here are a few of the nice comments people have made about working with me.

Kimberly is a gifted editor with extraordinary writing skill. Whenever there is a need to phrase something more clearly or precisely, the solution is always to “ask Kimberly”. She also practices exceptional attention to detail, thus ensuring delivery of a high quality training product.”  Sara Bryan, Ph.D., Instructional Designer, ManTech

“[Kimberly’s] knowledge of personal finance is expansive, she creates clicky content and never misses a deadline. She’s more than happy to pitch in when tight time turnarounds are necessary.” Erin Renzas, Director of Content Strategy, Credit Sesame

 “I will never forget all the cheerful help Kim provided. She is consistently energetic, upbeat & positive, always ready to lend a hand.” Kath Bartlett, LAc, Bartlett Acupuncture

“I was impressed with [Kimberly’s] organization and her ability to see the whole picture. She kept our team focused during the project, and was instrumental in putting together a package which reflected the goals of our group. She is a clear thinker, and has excellent communication skills.” Mary Prine, Associate Professor, San Diego Community College District

“I chose Kimberly Rotter to lead blogging efforts on Tree.com’s Health and Wellness channel, and was very pleased with the results. I highly recommend Kim as both a writer and editor. Peggy Gartin, Social Media Director, Tree.com

“Kimberly … always showed an excellent eye for detail in a job that takes patience, a critical eye, and the ability to be diplomatic in your suggestions and criticism. Kimberly … participated in meetings, asked questions, and did not hesitate to provide feedback or make suggestions on all aspects of projects.” Doug Smith, Technical Writing Manager, ManTech

[Kimberly’s] intuitive writing and editing skills continuously impressed me, and her optimistic attitude was, and is, inspirational.” Zachary Pugh, Adjunct English Professor, Palomar College

I found [Kimberly] to be dependable, professional and a leader. …Kim continued to facilitate team meetings, create project timelines and help with tasks whenever needed. Her contributions to group projects were essential and always completed on time.Dominique Turnbow, Undergraduate Services Librarian, UCSD

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