What’s for dinner? New meal ideas from your friends and their friends

Are you looking for new meal ideas? Do you eat out more often than you’d like? Check out these cookbooks, recommended by your friends and their friends. Thanks to the Dinner Club for the list! Bon appétit!

UPDATE: looks like the Amazon buttons I used aren’t working any more. Ugh. I had dozens of them here. Will update another day.


  1. Kimberly,
    These do look great. Thanks for the inspiration. My old standby is Tassajara Cooking, by Ed Brown. His approach is cooking by the seasons, with what you have. If you garden or go to farmer’s markets, it’s for you. His recipes are flexible, though vegetarian.
    I also use Sundays at Moosewood, which is full of ethnic and regional recipes from around the world.

    • Kimberly

      Thanks, Anne! This post was for the benefit of a little Facebook group I’m in. Click the link and join the group! It’s just for posting daily meals, to give everyone else some new ideas. I’ll add your suggestions to the list!

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